The Doctor and K9 rest at The Leisure Hotel after the stressful events of the previous 3 stories. The Doctor, while in his room, is put in a trance, and looses memories. He is startled by this, but cannot get out of the room, as he discovers it's wrapped in a cocoon...


The Doctor finds his way out of his room, and finds a shadow figure wandering in a corridor. He goes to investigate. Meanwhile, K9 meets the owner of the hotel, Roland Leisure. The Doctor runs into them both and tells Roland of the shadow figure that went their way, and the trance, memory loss, and cocoon. Roland inisits it was just a nightmare. The Doctor tells Roland it was not a dream, and something is lurking within. Roland proceeds to fall over and hold his head in pain. The Doctor sees the shadow figure, and runs after it. The Doctor sees the figure clearly, and is set into the trance again...


The Doctor awakes in a strange place, where everything is yellow and purple. He remembers the shadow figure, and has more memory loss from his past. The shadow speaks for the first time and tells the Doctor the more he feeds off of memories, the closer he is to getting a physical form, then, he can use his power to dominate the world, then turn everyone into his minions by wiping their minds, then set off to conquer the galaxy. The Doctor is clearly not fond of this idea, and tries to escape the area. He pulls out his new Sonic Screwdriver and waves it arouund. He finds a weak spot of the area, and blows his way out. The Doctor then awakes in the corridor he fell into the trance in. He goes off to K9 to check on Roland. They discover The Shadow is taking over Roland's body...


In the final part of the story, The Doctor tries to use the static setting on his Sonic Screwdriver to save Roland. K9 assures The Doctor that his method won't work. Then, Roland proceeds to speak in a demonic voice. The Doctor and K9 make a break for it and dash into a storage room. Roland tries to bust the door down, but instead opens it. The Doctor lets Roland attack him and The Doctor falls over. The Doctor awakens in The Shadow's lair and laughs at the fact that The Shadow fell for his trick. The Doctor sees that The Shadow is gaining physical form, and soon Roland will be used as The Shadow's true body of a warmongering demon. The Doctor finds the things keeping The Shadow alive without physical form, and destroys them with his Sonic Screwdriver. The Doctor then escapes, and wakes up. He awakens by K9 and the not possesed Roland Leisure. They thank Roland for their stay, and Roland thanks them back and apologizes for the catastrophe that happened. The Doctor and K9 return to the TARDIS. The Doctor sits on his chair, and then hears something on the scanner. He looks at the scanner and sees it's detecting... Sontarans...


The Doctor - Gio Orlando

K9 - Gio Orlando

The Shadow - Gio Orlando

Roland Leisure - Jacob Bressler

Writer - Gio Orlando

Director - Gio Orlando

Producer - Jacob Bressler

Theme Song - Khotarri

End Credits Theme - Delia Derbyshire

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